Welcome to the Website of Mambo-Tox

We are a long established contract research organisation that offers a versatile and quality service for the evaluation of agrochemicals and biocides. Mambo-Tox specialises in studies in terrestrial ecotoxicology (principally involving non-target arthropods, honeybees and soil invertebrates). We also undertake a wide range of specialist studies to evaluate the efficacy of agrochemical products, under both laboratory and field conditions.

We hope that this web site will provide you with a clear overview of the services we can offer. If you would like to know more about any particular area, please contact us.


"A comprehensive service in the testing of non-target
arthropods, honeybees and soil invertebrates"

"Providing flexibility and innovation in test design, to address the specific needs of clients"

Tel: +44 23 8076 2580 | Email: info@mambo-tox.co.uk