Our Aims

Our aims at Mambo-Tox are to provide a versatile and quality research service for the agrochemical and chemical industries, and to produce reliable and robust data to satisfy your regulatory requirements. If you require terrestrial ecotoxicological data to satisfy specific elements of European Commission Regulations No. 283/2013 and No. 284/2013 (for the registration of plant protection products) or European Commission Regulation No. 528/2012 (for the registration of biocidal products), we can help.

Mambo-Tox produces clear, detailed study
reports in English. We can adapt our reporting
format to that of our individual clients and can
produce summaries in electronic format, for
incorporation directly into regulatory dossiers.

We understand the importance of meeting tight
deadlines and have therefore organised our
extensive facilities to give us maximum flexibility when scheduling projects. As a result,
we offer a rapid turnaround for particularly
urgent projects.


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Tel: +44 23 8076 2580 | Email: info@mambo-tox.co.uk