Non-Target Arthropods

Mambo-Tox offers a comprehensive service with respect to evaluating effects on non-target arthropods at all tiers of a sequential test programme. Our experience in this field extends to more than 1000 GLP-compliant studies.

We are able to carry out studies with the following indicator species:

Parasitic wasps:

  • Aphidius rhopalosiphi
  • Trichogramma cacoeciae
  • Encarsia formosa

Foliage-dwelling predators:

  • Chrysoperla carnea
  • Coccinella septempunctata
  • Episyrphus balteatus
  • Orius laevigatus

Predatory mites:

  • Typhlodromus pyri
  • Phytoseiulus persimilis

Ground-dwelling predators:

  • Poecilus cupreus
  • Pardosa spp.
  • Aleochara bilineata

For most of these there are laboratory, ‘extended laboratory’ and semi-field testing scenarios available. We also work with other non-target species, mostly to provide data for IPM purposes. For details of currently-accepted test methods, or advice on appropriate test species, please contact us.


Non-Target Arthropods

Non-Target Arthropods

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