Collembola, Soil Mite and Earthworm Studies

It is a regulatory requirement that most agrochemical and veterinary products are evaluated for their side-effects on soil invertebrates. In addition, under the European Regulation (EC) 528/2012, many other biocidal chemicals (disinfectants, preservatives, etc.) now have to be tested for effects on such organisms. With this in mind, we now offer the following laboratory services:

  • Inhibition of reproduction in the springtail, Folsomia candida, to the OECD test guideline.
  • Acute toxicity and inhibition of reproduction in the soil mite, Hypoaspis aculeifer, to the OECD test guideline.
  • Acute toxicity and reproduction bioassays with the earthworm, Eisenia andrei, to the OECD test guidelines.


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Collembola, Soil Mite &
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